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  • Test drive
  • Full coverage for all new cars models.
  • Editorial coverage for all cars racing like rallies and formula 1 .
  • Contribute in all cars motor show in Saudi Arabia.
  • Editorial coverage for all motor show in KSA and other countries .
  • Full coverage for all new car models launch in Saudi Arabia.
  • Interviews with all decision makers in cars industry .
  • Editorial coverage for latest boats and boats exhibitions .

Our Readership

  • Saudi Motors targeting all cars owners and cars lovers whom looking always for the latest technology and models of the cars.
  • Saudi Motors targeting all decision makers in cars industries in Saudi market.
  • Saudi Motors targeting all cars dealers in Saudi Arabia.
  • Saudi Motors targeting all Saudi male young generation who have special passion for automotive industry with fever regarding the latest models and cars technology.

Distribution Outlets

  • Main book stores & super markets.
  • Ten thousands free e-mail shots on PDF file for each issue.
  • Direct subscribers.
  • Cars companies .
  • Automotive accessories companies.
  • Coffee shops .

Saudi Motors annual Survey

One of the most important survey among middle east , which consider the main reference to all Cars dealers and companies showing their position in the Saudi market .