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  • Inbox marketing is the most popular green communication channel in the social media and delivering creative messages to inbox is the most cost efficient compared to any other medium. Sniper targeting using our premium inbox collection can get you the desired business results faster and more interactively.
  • Premium inbox marketing allows marketers to reach consumers effectively. Creative, fun, informative & educational messages have great possibility to start their first viral journey from our core contacts, who are ready to use their influence on others.
  • Premium inbox marketing provides you a competitive edge in a tough market. Daily, weekly or monthly inbox messages are much cost efficient and will keep your brand in consumers mind effectively. It is indeed a great tool for newsletters, promotional offers, branding etc.

KSA & Middle East Professionals & VIP’s

  • 600,000 inbox (80 % KSA & 20% others ME)


  • 70% males & 30% females est.


  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & other middle eastern countries

Source of database

  • Business contacts and leads
  • Personal contacts
  • Key business portals

Outdoor advertising is the only medium which is available round the clock. Technological advancement in creating designs, photography, printing of vinyl's / flex , illumination etc. have made this medium more attractive, effective and desirable for any campaigns.

  • Outdoor advertising is an excellent medium and is in dominating to make the Press/TV campaigns.
  • Outdoor medium is available in locations where the potential customer is present. Hoardings are one of the most effective and noticeable medium and is ideally suited for campaigns. A few strategic sites in support of any campaigns will yield outstanding results.
  • A unipole is another tool for advertising. This is an ingenious and cost effective outdoor advertising medium.
  • Unipoles are enduringly popular with advertisers and can be of various types including static, backlit or front-lit.
  • Unipole is a large billboard panel placed atop a high pole designed to offer strategic exposure and maximum impact to heavy road traffic on key highways & primary arteries in the country. These impactful structures, illuminated after dusk, offer creative flexibility that is limited only by imagination.
  • A Unipole at a good location (on a main road or a major highway) can garner more attention than any other media.
  • Unipoles have an inherent attention seeking value as they are designed aesthetically and also appear like it is just there above. Unipoles also give the opportunity to achieve unusual and striking placements and position for the advertising board. Uniads’ Unipoles are built to the same standards as international ones. Unipoles are the most common form of outdoor advertising in developed countries.


  • Established in 1976.
  • Monthly Arabic and English publication.
  • The only publication distributed freely to all passengers in domestic and international flights.
  • Targeting Saudi Arabian Airlines passengers (Saudi Nationals, Arab Expatriates and non Arab Expatriates in addition to Umra and Hajj visitors).

Editorial Content

  • The best of local and syndicated content to entertain the readers of Ahlan Wasahlan.
  • Genuine reports about Saudi tourism, and historic and touristic destinations of Saudia locally, regionally and internationally in Arabic and English.
  • News about culture, arts, environment, historical sites, business and economics, science and technology around the world.
  • Health, nutrition, cuisine and recipes, family and social issues.
  • Children space ( short stories, drawings and paintings).
  • Saudi cultural news.
  • Book reviews.

Circulation on Air and on Land 

  • Distributing 1000s of copies to subscribers of SRPC and SSPC.
  • Distributing to a VIP list of readers in KSA.
  • Multi media campaign for each issue.
  • Distributing to Saudi Arabian Airlines offices worldwide.
  • Distributing to all travel agencies.
  • Distributing to KSA embassies worldwide.


  • More than 85,000 domestic & international flights per year.
  • More 2.5 million of readership monthly.
  • More than 28 million travelers yearly.
  • An average of 2 million travelers monthly.
  • More than 6 Million during summer.
  • More than 3 Million for Hajj.
  • More than 2 Million for Umra.

Reaching Your Consumer

  • The majority of Saudi nationals traveling for business or tourism use their national airlines.
  • Arab and non Arab expatriatestravel with Saudi Arabian Airlines perimarily for their business trips and vacations.
  • In Arab World and the countries around the world where Saudia flies.

One - stop shop for Mothers This Guide is an excellent marketing tool for your organization and or brand because: It is focused purely on information useful to Mothers all in one publication and thus fills a unique niche in the market. It provides;

  • Articles & tips relevant to mothers on how to best raise their children.
  • Reviews of books relevant to mothers.
  • Database of all shops, service providers & restaurants helpful to Mothers.
  • Recipes and healthy eating tips.


  • Fashion & Trends: provides our ladies with latest in fashion, the hippest trends and makeup tips, while offering our recommendation in fashion houses and stores in Jeddah.
  • Body & Health: Provides tips for healthier living, mixed with our selection of spas and gyms all around the city catering to the needs of our target audience.
  • Furniture & Home Products: with this feature, the reader can imagine how their homes would look with our home products recommendations in both interior designs and collectable furniture items.
  • Business: Sheds light on the business sector in Saudi Arabia, while interviewing and presenting success stories also offers our partners a place where they can present their business and services in a relevant manner.
  • Books & Education: Chooses the best books for mothers and children, as well as reviews and children’s opinion and feedbacks.
  • Entertainment & Kid’s Clubs: We have selected the best places for kids and family entertainment. Keeping in mind clubs for kids to enjoy their time and learn in a fun way.
  • Travel: so where will mothers go this vacation season? This section provides travel destinations for all seasons of the year as well as travel tips relevant to mothers wherever they may go.
  • Food & Restaurants: Restaurants & Cafes recommended to be family-friendly, healthy & fun.
  • City Directory: Ever wanted to find a place fast? Whether it was where to find party supplies for your kids birthday or who to contact for you tea party catering? Well this is one of our most powerful tools, a directory that will focus on providing you with what you need.

PREMIUM STATIC MEGACOM advertising boards is one of the best advertising methods to communicate in Riyadh.

Key features: MEGACOM1

  • A+ & A Socio economic groups of people residing in the areas of Premium Megacoms
  • 1,000,000 passing cars
  • 70,000 cars per day
  • Over 225,000 Population over 5% of Riyadh Living in  the area (est.)
  • Miltary official families, Senior Government officials and their families, Members of National guards and their families are key residents in the area

Characteristics of the Area covered by the MEGACOM Networks:

  • The sites derive their strategic importance from being located at a number of main roads and crosses linking the east of Riyadh with its central area, northern area and western area, and from the most important of which are:
    • Cross of Kherais Road with Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabbah Road.
    • Extension of Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabbah Road towards King Fahad International Stadium.
    • Road of Prince Saad bin Abdulrahman the First – One Hundred Road – (Exit 15).
    • Obaidah bin Al-Jarrah Road (Exit 16).
    • Cross of Prince Ahmed bin Salman road with Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabbah Street opposite to Kudu and the main gate of King Abdulaziz Medical city.
    • The main gates of King Abdulaziz Residential City (gate 1, 2, 3, 4) the National Guard housing for officers and staff.
  • Most of the billboards are in the shoulder of the new ring road extended from exit (18) towards the south up to the cross of Kherais Road with Sheikh Jaber to the East.
  • Multiple social layers and tens of thousands of people are living or are crossing this area in daily basis for different purposes.JARIR (3)

The area contains a number of military and health facilities of the National Guard:

  • King Abdulaziz Medical city at the National Guard.
  • King Fahad Hospital at the National Guard. 3. King Abdullah Children's Specialist Hospital.
  • King Khalid Military Academy.
  • Military Schools of the National Guard.
  • Battalions and military units of the National Guard.
  • King Saud bin Abdulaziz for Health Sciences at the National Guard.
  • More than five thousand residential units for officers, members and staff of the National Guard.
  • Most of the sites are characterized by frequent visits of senior officials, dignitaries and delegations visiting the National Guard, headed by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may Allah protect him.


  • Rotana is a series of free television channels broadcast terrestrially in Saudi Arabia and on satellite television for the Arab World and the Arab Diaspora. 
  • 'Rotana Khalijia' is a general entertainment channel that targets the GCC audience with a unique selection of premium content.
  • The channel’s grid, designed to cater to the different tastes of the Khaliji audience, has a variety of talk shows, series, movies or music programs.
  • The prime series are finely selected from the most recent big productions from Saudi Arabia and the gulf in general, in addition to Syria, Egypt and Lebanon.
  • Talk shows on 'Khalijia' vary in their topics, with the intent of speaking to a wider range of audience and bringing up what concerns them the most. Prominent guests are usually hosted to discuss, analyze and project solutions to various local and regional issues in a professional and objective fashion.
  • The month of “Ramadan” on “Khalijia” is not to be missed. It comes bearing the biggest drama productions alongside special religious and entertainment and game shows, which reflect the spirit of the holy month and at the same time give audience the chance to have joyful quality times. 

Gulf Auto Magazine is monthly Arabic automotive magazine established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1999. Gulf Autos covers all topics related to the motor industry:

  • Global and regional latest innovation coverage.
  • Interviews with decision makers of the auto motive industry.
  • Detailed test drives of the latest new cars.
  • Coverage of the regional and international motor shows.
  • The latest and most up to date otor sport coverage.


  • We promote all the new models of the automotive world in terms of their structures,innovations and performances as well as covering worldwide launches and international worldwide championships.
  • Interviews with distinguished personalities in the industry.
  • Articles on both commercial and business sectors.
  • We secure to market our customers products.

Alriyadiah Saudi Sport TV 2 is a free online sport channel. It broadcasts for Arabic regions.

  • Al Riyadiah is a sports channel owned and operated by Saudi Government.
  • Watch live TV online for free. Watch your favorite TV channels.
  • Alriyadiah Saudi Sport TV is one of saudi arabia tv riyadliah online live.
  • Agencies is the first specialized content creative magazine that servers as the exclusive local reference for the Marketing and Commnication industry (PR, Production, CRM, Media etc.)
  • It is a unique, powerful and effective marking tool that is distributed for free to the industry.
  • AGENCIES mission is to influence and engage a powerful creative Marketing Communication...
  • AGENCIES targets MBUs, Advertising Agencies, PR Agencies, CRM, Graphic, Designers, Media Houses, Corporate/B2B clients to be positioned as the vital tool for both clients and agencies.

Distributed tactically to the spots where utilized as the premium

  • Advertising Agencies 2,000 copies
  • MBUs1,000 copies
  • Media houses 1,000 copies
  • Cafe’s & Rest 400 copies
  • PR & CRM Agencies 200 copies
  • Direct Clients 400 copies

Executive summary:

  • Agencies is a quaterly english advertising magazine distributed for free in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Target audience:

  • Advertising agencies, corporate,b2b clients and graphic designers

Competitive edge:

  • Main competitors are communicate,campaign and Arab ad.the competition is in English, however, agencies will mainly focus on artwork and creative ads of the agencies.
  • It will show case their talent and act as a medium of expressions and communication within the industry. Generally, it will be concise and to the point in English (Arabic within the artwork) which caters to advertising industry's needs the second and most important USP is the AD price and value for money(see pricing and revenue).

Pricing and revenue:

  • The magazine will make money form agency ads,client ads,and advertorials/sponsors (full feature interview or company profile)
  • Agency ad is three(3) additional pages hence the agency will showcase the campaign artwork sand the credentials and one(1) FP colour creative ad all priced at SR5000.
  • Corporate clients ads are also priced at SR5000 and will consist of one(1) FP colour ad
  • Advertorial sponsorship is priced at SR10,000 and consists of front cover interview logo, and IBC DPS Ad


  • The magazine will be registered under MUZe media LLC in great britian


  • Agency campaign with credentials
  • Agency creative ads
  • FC profile/interview
  • OBC agency business cards





  • Saudi TV Channel 1 (KSA 1) is a Arabic news and entertainment TV channel of Saudi Arabia.
  • Broadcasting throughout the Middle East, Europe and North America, KSA 1 officially began broadcasting on 7 July 1965 in black and white from Riyadh and Jeddah until 1974 when color broadcasting was introduced in Jeddah and Mecca.
  • Whilst the channel produces programmes focusing on cultural, political, and economic issues it is known for its showing of religious programmes and Islamic rituals. 
  • Most notably, for being the first channel at the end of 1974 to broadcast the performance of the Hajj.
  • The channel is state run and is administered by the Ministry of Culture and Information.