Al-Madina Newspaper is the first and longest running Arabic daily newspaper since 1934. Printed and published out of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Al-Madina enjoys the 2nd highest reach among Saudi readers in the Western Province. 89.8% of Al-Madina’s readers are Saudi Nationals.   Al-Madina as well enjoys the 2nd highest reach of total population / readers (Saudis, Arabs & Others) in the Western Province which confirms its strong position as a major player in this province.Read more
  • Al-Madina Newspaper is the first and longest running Arabic daily newspaper since 1934. Printed and published out of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.
  • For the past 76 years, every morning, Al-Madina offers its readers timely, concise, independent coverage of political news on main events in Saudi Arabia, other Arab countries into the international scene.
  • Moreover, Al-Madina’s experienced local editorial and regional contributing team provides readers with sharp, well-informed, balanced insights into a wide spectrum of significant business, financial, sports and social issues.
  • In 2008, Al-Madina have renewed its commitment by re-launching a new & improved sleek version printed with state-of-the-art facilities.
  • During 2010 Al-Madina Newspaper have achieved 2 major prizes for best Press & Editorial coverage namely:
    • Makkah Prize of Distinction
    • Asir Prize “Al Muftaha”
  • Such achievements are the results of the major improvements and non-stop continued efforts in upgrading the editorial contents and the look of Al-Madina enjoyed recently. Also same endorses the strength and high popularity Al-Madina newspaper enjoys as a successful and reliable publication among the Saudi readers in the Kingdom.
  • Reputable regional and international T.V Satellite networks along with news agencies have always relied on and often quote Al-Madina’s exhaustive coverage, exclusive interviews, in-depth analysis in their own news reviews.
  • Its worth mentioning that our subscription figures in the Western Province have doubled during 2009 & 2010. Same was due to the successful interactive promotional campaigns with the readers that have increased heavily our subscription base.

Al-Madina’s Achievements 2010 - Makkah Prize of Distinction - June

  • Al-Madina Newspaper has been the 1st Winner for “Makkah Prize of Distinction” from among all Saudi Newspapers participating for the best press and editorial coverage (category) during Hajj & Umrah seasons.
  • Makkah Prize of Distinction was established by the cultural committee of Makkah province in 2008 and headed by H.R.H. Prince Khaled Al Faisal for the distinguished and best achievers within 8 selected categories serving the Saudi society during the year.

Asir Prize “Al Muftaha” - August

  • Al-Madina Newspaper has been as well the Winner for Asir Prize for Print Media “Al Muftaha” among all Saudi Newspapers for the best press and editorial coverage during Abha Summer Festival.
  • Al-Madina Newspaper was awarded the 1st Prize Winner by HRH Prince Faisal Bin Khalid – Governor of Asir Province for Best Tourism Coverage.
  • Positioning
  • Al-Madina Daily, a local socio-political newspaper printed & published out of Jeddah to serve the Saudi Nationals communities residing in each of Makkah Region (Jeddah, Makkah, Taif), Madina Region (Madina City, Yanbu, etc…). These Regions combined together constitute what is administratively known as the Western Province of Saudi Arabia.
  • Western Province of Saudi Arabia is inhabited by the highest concentration of the total population in the Kingdom amounting to 40%.
  • Al-Madina newspaper is widely read by Saudis in the Northern & Southern provinces along with heavy distribution in Central & Eastern provinces.