SKY MUPI | FoldedUp




Sky Mupi are strategic in high traffic areas providing greater customer awareness.

Impact on services and product advertised are due to:

  • Wide 150cm x 220cm and 150 cm x 250cm posters, can be viewed from a considerable distance.
  • Back-lighted posters can be viewed at night.
  • Elegant design and share are attractive and enhance surroundings.
  • Elevated by 147 cm concrete basement
  • There are 84 mupis distributed on best locations along Thaliah Street from prince Mohammed bin AbdulazizSt.(TahliahStreet), between Prince Turkibin Abdulaziz Al-AwalSt. and Dhabab Riyadh City.


  • Tahlia Street is one of the most important streets in the Saudi capital Riyadh, where is one of the tourist destinations and recreational existence of cafes and international restaurants
  • The Riyadh Amana support road investment, commercial and recreational to become one of the most important areas frequented by residents of Riyadh, and heard by those outside

For advertising in Tahlia Street several features, including:-

  • The presence of the finest companies, institutions and brands
  • The spread of the most prestigious restaurants and coffee shops along the sweetener, which attracts alarge number of people in various categories, seven days a week
  • The Special Style of Tahlia Street which requires an average walking speed to enable all passers by to read and follow-up ads located on the side of the street

    Fit the design of Sky Mupi with Tahlia style, making it one of the finest ways to advertise there.

    The featured and remarkable ad size

    The presence of all segments of society, men and women entrepreneurs, employees and young people from Different age groups, which giving a guarantee to the arrival of the advertising message for the target groups