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Station: Mix Fm New variety of Programs on MIX FM During the Ramadan 2014Read more

Station: Mix Fm
New variety of Programs on MIX FM During the Ramadan 2014

  • Nasayem
  • Physique
  • Can I?
  • Remote
  • Bagui Shwaya “ Al Wadhi “ And “ Tawrit "
  • Al Bawwaba
  • The secret
  • Eih Wala La
  • Fi El Gahwa
  • One Family
  • Saffar 3aeek Al Hakam

Drama “Profiles”Al Weswas With Nawaf:
Whispers demon Voice urges to break the fast to test the power of the faith of individuals.
Food Recipe with Hannen :
Recipes for quick dishes from different countries in Ramadan.
Athan Count Down
Start 3 hours before to Maghreb Adhan to give the audience the chance and help to Organize these three hours
Aftar Announcement:
Announcing the Aftar Time with Cannons
Children Philosophy:
Economic, Social, Scientific and political adult questions will be routed to kids age between 3 to 4 years. Economical social scientifically , political questions presented to kids. Comical entertaining and most funniest popular program in MIX FM.
Hindi Movie with Goal Mal :
Hindi movie contest features one minute story in which the contestant will figure out the end (Announcement in both Hindi and Arabic Language).
Who Said:
short paragraph urges men to do things, kind of jobs that they didn’t do such as cooking, help with wife in the house etc.