The leading fashion in the Arab world

  • Haute Couture (HC) magazine is the leading fashion catalogue read by fashion experts and want to be astute shoppers and experts in the latest trends.
  • Haute Couture is the most sold fashion catalogue in the region, always outselling all competitor titles. In every issue sales exceed targets. It is no exaggeration to say that this is due to consistently high quality and professional standards the title offers to its demanding fashion readers. Haute Couture speaks to the fashion enthusiasts who like to combine life-style with the latest trends
  • Secure, smart, trendy, Haute Couture provides the latest perspective on the region’s most important local, regional and international designers, such as Elie Saab, to international brands like Channel. Add to this, the indispensable detailed advice on the Middle East’s exploding fashion markets
  • Outstanding photography and modern design combine to make the catalogue women from across the region are proud to call their own.
  • Haute Couture also features in-depth interviews with designers across the middle east, from their newest thought-provoking designs to the most traditional cultural designs.
  • With international designs and editorial, Haute Couture is the most comprehensive fashion catalogue published in the region..