• The Daily Star, a Middle East-based news service formed to provide a region
    wide information service for a world-wide audience has become the only reliable
    source on World Wide Web for everything about and from the Middle East .
  • Our audience consists of all profiles that advertiser are seeking.
    Preliminary research indicates the demographics of The Daily Star audience will
    be made up of the following:
  • More than 500,000 visits per
  • 1,200,000 more or less page
    views per month
  • 90% are college graduates
  • 85% have postgraduate degrees
    and 35% hold doctorates
  • Approximately 30% are Middle
    Eastern American
  • 60% are in the 25 - 54 age
  • 65% have lived overseas and
    60% travel frequently
  • 30% from companies or other
    commercial concerns
  • 24% from .gov, .edu, .org or
  • 12% access through an
    Internet provider or online service
  • 70% are international, mostly
    from the US, Europe, Asia and Africa

Advantages of Advertising on The Daily Star

  • Advertisers will find exciting advertising opportunities on The Daily Star
    website and the printed edition for reaching millions of high-quality unique
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Creative Specifications

  • The Daily Star complies with the IAB standards for banner sizes although
    exceptions may be made for special sections or promotions. Acceptable banner
    sizes are 468x60, 234x60, 120x90, 120x60 or 88x31. Banners can be animated.
    Animation may loop or reload a maximum of three times. Alternate text up to 100
    characters is accepted.
  • Creatives may be changed weekly to keep the creative fresh and avoid banner
    burnout. Allow 48 business hours lead time for ads to be placed in rotation.
    Some special requests may take up to five business days to implement; your
    sales rep will inform you if a request will require more than 48 hours.
  • The Daily Star supports video, audio, animation, Java, HTML, Scripted, Enliven,
    and Real Audio, Flash. For some technologies, a test will be needed to
    determine if the impressions and clicks for the banner can be counted, if the
    file size is too large, etc. Your sales rep will inform you of the results and
    whether or not the ad can be accepted for placement on the site.
  • Advertisers can rotate as many as 10 different banners at one time and
    regular creative changes are encouraged. Usual turn around time for changes is
    within 48 business hours.