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  • The all new newly revamped al web portal advances Al Arabiya New Channel’s on line presence in to an ewage of interactivity, service and convenience.

  • Launched on October17th, 2010, the portal takes pride in introducing many new focus sections, such as Technology, Culture and health, along with an updated Business section and in tuitively easy to use VOD library, amongst other innovations.
  • For Internet users who like to be up-to-date, ALARABIYA.NET has quickly become the go-to website in the Arab world.

    Spanning five continents and reflecting local accents its balanced, objective and no-nonsense style makes it the trusted source for diverse news.

    With detailed up to the minute bulletins and in-depth analysis from editors plus a dynamic mix of the latest news, business, sports and current affairs.

  • It is a respected pioneer of credible, contemporary reporting. It’s the facts brought home. Pure and simple.