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For Booking and more information:

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About May Kutbi:

  • Born in Beirut during the tough days of the civil war, from a Saudi father and a Lebanese mother whom met in the mountains of Lebanon.
  • This has risen inside of her passion for this small country, which she sees its value more than the large countries where her life got scattered between the conservative and liberal cultures.
  • Mixing the Arabic culture with the Francophone and Anglo-Saxon cultures did shape up her personality towards getting the best values of all.
  • Her newest release “Ashiqat” is the precise translation of this blend.

Competition Concept:

“Ashiqat” album is a musical poetry experience launched by the Saudi/Lebanese Poet May Kutbi and it received a great success and appreciation from young ladies and women. Her poems talk to the deep down thoughts and feelings of every oriental woman who doesn’t know how to express them.

“Ashiqat” Album translated those feelings into great expressive musical poems:

  • After the success of “Ashiqat 1”, May Kutbi invites all young Arab ladies and women to express themselves through poetry and to share with her the experience and take part in her second album “Ashiqat 2” through this poetry competition


  • Winners: The top 5 poems will be recorded by May Kutbi’s voice and they will be launched in her new upcoming Album Ashiqat2 across the region and distributed by Virgin Megastore.
  • Winners will have great exposure through all channels:, Zahrat Al Khaleej magazine, Zahrat Al-Khaleej TV show, Emarat FM (UAE), Star FM (UAE), Mix FM (Saudi Arabia) and Final soiree recital at the end of the competition. role:

  1. Promoting Ashiqat competition on and facebook fan page
  2. Accepting online entries under the terms and conditions of the competition
  3. Providing a voting platform for users for best poems Picked by May Kutbi & anaZahra
  4. Announcing Winners and following up their Journey in recording their musical poems with May’s voice in her upcoming album “Ashiqat 2”

Core target audience:

  1. UAE and KSA
  2. Female
  3. Age Group: 20 - 45

More of marketing activation plan & Partnerships:

  1. Small recital segments for best entries picked by May Kutbi on Zak TV show, Sabah El Emarat, Adam & Hawaa
  2. Editorial features on anaZahra and Zak magazine to showcase the 2 weekly poems picked during phase1 and announcing final 5 winners in Phase 3.
  3. E-shot - AD universities DB + Ladies Club DB (TBC)
  4. Seeding competition in Arabic poetry forums (Ebola – TBC)
  5. Barters (E-shot & Banners) –, Alaan.TV PR activation plan:
  • On ground activities: approaching UAE universities, poetry and book clubs, UAE ladies clubs
  • Press release and interviews with May Kutbi in 6 - 8 media outlets, GCC coverage.
  • Follow up with updates
  • Finale: an exclusive ladies only soiree recital (KSA or UAE)

Winners Campaign:

  • CD launch campaign TBC with May Kutbi

Proposal to include the following:

1. Full accreditation i.e. “in association with . . . “ on the;

  1. Full media & PR plan to promote the competition (assuming copy deadlines are met)
  2. May Kutbi Poetry Blog page hosted at

2. Roadblock of all ad units (728x90px, 300x250px, 220x550px, 300x100px and Branded Background) on the May Kutbi Poetry Blog page at
3. Exclusive branded poetry recital soiree with participation and endorsement from the community of poets, showcasing the finalists of the competition (Venue, Food& Beverage, goodie bags sponsor). Number of invitees TBC

Brand Partnership: $250,000